Our Historic Dogs

scipioshowposterEach year at Fort St. Clair Kennel Club, our show has a special “show logo” and poster featuring a famous Ohio native and their beloved dog. We started this in 2011, with Orville Wright (Dayton) and his St. Bernard, Scipio. As it happens, we know a quite a bit about Scipio– he came to Ohio by train as a puppy, from Nina Dodd’s White Star Kennel in Long Branch NJ. Mrs. Dodd was a very prominent breeder of quality St. Bernard’s in her day and a frequent exhibitor at AKC shows and Westminster. Orville paid $75 for Scipio– the equivalent today is around $1400. Orville bought the dog in 1917, and Scipio died in 1924. When Orville himself died in 1948, he still had a photo of Orville in his wallet.


In 2012, our pair was President Warren G. Harding (Blooming Grove, near Marion, OH) and his airedale, Laddie Boy.  Despite the scandals surrounding President Harding, Laddie Boy was enormously popular with the press and the American public. He came from Caswell Kennel in Toledo, OH and was a frequent presence at cabinet meetings and other state occasions. When Harding died, Laddie Boy pined at length– and when Laddie Boy died, newsboys collected pennies which were melted into a sculpture the likeness of Laddie which is today in the Smithsonian Institution.


President Benjamin Harrison (North Bend, OH) and his granddaughter and his pointer, Jack, graced our 2013 show materials. There was not much to be found about President Harrison’s dogs, other than what sort of dog and what they were called.


That changed in 2014, with Annie Oakley (Greenville, OH) and her beloved tri-color English Setter, Dave. Dave was like a child to Annie and her husband, Frank Butler, who was himself a traveling marksman and dog trainer. Dave worked with Annie and Frank in their performances as well as served as a hunting dog and constant companion. Upon Dave’s death in 1923, Frank wrote a little book about Dave’s life, as if it were told by the dog, “The Life of Dave, as Told By Himself.”



2015 featured the great screen legend Clark Gable (Akron, OH) and his bluetick hound, lounging together on the set with Montgomery Clift. Alas, this was the first year we were not able to find out the name of the famous person’s dog. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were avid dog fanciers and had many different dogs during their lifetimes.


In 2016, the lovely star of silent film, Theda Bara (Cincinnati, OH) and her lovely Borzoi, Bella, will be featured on  posters, catalog, and other print materials associated with the show. Bella was so doted on by Miss Bara that she had it written into her contracts as often as possible that the dog would share her screen roles.

We really enjoy both the research that goes into finding interesting Ohio celebrities and the dogs that graced their lives— and in sharing those stories with the public and fellow exhibitors.



2015 Match to Be Held Sunday, October 18

2015 FSCKC Match Flyercorrected

We’re busy getting ready for our annual AKC sanctioned match to be held Sunday, October 18th at Gem City Dog Obedience Club, 1654 Springfield St, Dayton, OH.

Registration will be taken until 11:30, judging begins at noon.

Pre-registration is available, entries must be postmarked before Monday, October 12. Entry blank is available here. Cost of pre-entry is $8 each or 3 for $20. Day of Match entry is $10 or 3 for $25.

Puppies should be in proper trim, with no taped ears. Handlers are welcome, but must handle their own dogs only. Absolutely no chalking allowed, as it creates a hazardous environment for agility dogs who use the facilities. 

The judging panel is as follows:

Sporting - Larkin Vonalt

Hounds – Tracy Leonard

Working – Mary Kay Walsh

Terrier – Kim Lindsay Stroede

Toy – Denice Ray

Non-Sporting – Robin Russell

Herding – Mary Ann Pflum

Best in  Match -John Fabelo.

Classes are divided into Junior Puppy (3-6 months), Senior Puppy (6 -12 months) and Adult. A Best in Match Puppy and a Best in Match Adult will be chosen, puppies and adults will not compete against each other.

There is food available at the venue.

No Outbreak of Flu in Ohio

tumblr_l5gjgiUq9G1qbwakso1_500   Just got off the phone with Dr. Yan Zhang, the biologist in the State Veterinarian’s office. There is ONE potential case of H3N2 in Ohio and the test has been sent to Cornell and has yet to be confirmed. H3N2 is the “Asian flu” from Chicago that has no vaccine. (There IS a vaccine for H3N8– which has been in the U.S. since 2008— and he noted as an aside that they have seen LESS of H3N8 than they usually do.) Though the risk for exposure in this state is close to nil, out of an abundance of caution, at Fort St. Clair’s shows this year judges will allow exhibitors to show their dogs’ mouth, there will be plenty of hand-sanitizer and wet wipes available. (We are still looking for a portable hand-washing station.) The AKC will allow us to excuse dogs from the show who appear to be ill. It was a great relief to find that there is NO OUTBREAK of this flu in our area. We hope that taking some common sense precautions we can maintain that.

Canine Influenza and Fort St. Clair Kennel Club’s Show

sickdog We know you’re worried. On Monday, we will call the State Veterinarian’s office to see if there are actually any CONFIRMED cases of H3N8 in Ohio. (Media reports are notoriously unreliable– all of the confirmed deaths have been in the Chicago area, and the number of deaths has not increased in the last week.) In any case, we believe that showing a healthy dog at our show presents very little risk.

Still, we don’t want your dogs to get sick at all, let alone on our watch.

So, out of an abundance of caution, we will have hand sanitizer available all over at the site. Please feel free to use it as needed. We are looking into getting a portable hand-washing station for actual hand-washing. (And there are sinks with soap and hot water in the adjacent building.) We have asked the judges to allow you to show THEM your dog’s bite. This is their prerogative of course, but know that we have briefed them on the situation and made the request. Any dog on the premises who appears to be ill (nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing, lethargic) will have to leave the fairgrounds. And you can help. Please heed this advice given to us by the state veterinarian the last time there was a viral scare in this area. Stay out of dog parks. Stay clear of “pet areas” at rest stops. Keep immuno-compromised dogs (ill, elderly and puppies) at home. Keep washing your hands! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.