On the back page of the Premium List for our upcoming show, there is an ad for our Fast Cat trials being held at the same show site on Sunday, April 29. We used the same ad last year, and this year, we forgot to update the price of the test. As per AKC regulations, the Fast Cat tests will be charged the fee stipulated in the Fast CAT Premium List: $20 for pre-entry and $25 for day-of-trial entry, which will only be available if the tests have not filled with pre-entries. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience.

Sneak Peek at Our 2017 Premium List!



We’re not quite up on Infodog (probably tomorrow) but here’s a sneak peek at our 2017 Premium List and all the fun stuff we have planned for this year. Our “famous Ohioan” this year is Cincinnatian Roy Rogers and his beautiful German Shepherd Dog Bullet (we think Rumor would approve). Show closes April 12th.


NEW!! Pre-entry for CAT Test After All.


First, our apologies for not having our ducks in a row. ¬†We started off misinformed and this has been a pretty steep learning curve for us. Initially we thought we would not have time to get a premium list together before the trial date, but we did and we have it. And here it is! Just click the link “FSCKCCAT premium” below, and there you have it.

We have limited entries to 60. The trial will close on Sunday, April 27th (at noon) unless it fills first by pre-entry. If it does fill first through pre-entry, we will announce this here and on our Facebook page, and on our MB-F page.