Update for Coursing Ability Tests

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We have now been approved for TWO coursing ability tests to be held Sunday, May 1. There is a 40 dog limit on each test. (This is two separate events.) We have posted a revised entry form which has both event numbers on it. Just check one or both (depending on whether or not you want to run one test or two). The tests will run consecutively.

The entry fee is $20 per test by pre-entry and $25 per test, day of trial entry.

If you have already sent in the first entry blank, that’s fine. If you have printed out the original entry form, and you want to enter both tests, just write the second event number (2016496104) on the entry blank as well.

We appreciate your patience as we tried to get all of this worked out, and we look forward to seeing you all at the Coursing Ability Tests!

NEW!! Pre-entry for CAT Test After All.


First, our apologies for not having our ducks in a row.  We started off misinformed and this has been a pretty steep learning curve for us. Initially we thought we would not have time to get a premium list together before the trial date, but we did and we have it. And here it is! Just click the link “FSCKCCAT premium” below, and there you have it.

We have limited entries to 60. The trial will close on Sunday, April 27th (at noon) unless it fills first by pre-entry. If it does fill first through pre-entry, we will announce this here and on our Facebook page, and on our MB-F page.


Important: Coursing Ability Test

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We will be hosting our inaugural Coursing Ability (or CAT) test this spring during our annual dog show, on Sunday, April 27. Though we have experienced Lure Coursing people in our club who will be running the tests, things got a little confused while we were working through the paperwork. Have no fear, though. Fort St. Clair is now fully licensed to run Coursing Ability Tests and we are permitted to have up to eight of them a year. We hope to make this an annual tradition with our show as well as holding additional tests during the year. Though the AKC assures me that our event is approved (and we have paid our fees) we are still waiting for the event number. And until we get the event number, I can’t post the Premium List.

However, we can give you quite a bit of information right here:

Entries will be Day of Trial.

Cost of Entry is $20. Please bring cash or check for entry fees.

Entries close at noon, on Sunday, April 27.

Entries will be limited to 60 participants.

We are only permitted to allow one run per event. Sorry.

There will be two courses: one 300 yards for dogs smaller dogs and flat-faced  breeds; the other 600 yards. The smaller course must be completed in 90 seconds for a qualifying run; the longer course is allotted two minutes.  The judge keeps the official time and decides the merits of the dog’s performance.

The coursing test is a pass-fail event.

Dogs who stop while running the course will not qualify.

Judge will be AKC Lure Coursing judge Tracy Leonard, DVM.

Dogs will be inspected for general good health (and to exclude lame dogs and dogs in season) before they are permitted to run.

Any breed may participate in this event, and we have seen all shapes and sizes from Bulldogs to Dachshunds, Bloodhounds and Papillons, Chinese cresteds and Great Danes run in lure coursing. Remember the competition is against the clock and not against each other.

Officially, this event is open to dogs 12 months and over who are individually registered with the AKC, recorded in the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program, individually registered with a foreign or domestic registry organization whose pedigrees are acceptable for AKC registration, dogs granted a Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number, dogs with AKC Limited or Conditional Registration, or dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program. Dogs with breed disqualifications and monorchid/cryptorchid dogs are eligible to participate.

Females in season may not enter.

Dogs may wear any collar except a “choke”collar, a collar with prongs or an electronic training collar. The collar should be snug to minimize the changes of getting hung up on something during the run. Owners should be aware that there is a chance that tags hanging from the collar could become entangled on something during the run. Owners may use clips or rubber bands to hold the dog’s hair. The owner assumes responsibility for the safety of the dog with regard to the dog’s collar and paraphernalia on the dog.

The area is partially fenced and far away from any roadways. We do encourage you to work with your dog on recall.

Dogs with Qualifying runs will receive a flat orange ribbon. Dogs who complete their Coursing Ability title at our trial will receive an orange rosette.

More on rules and regulations for Coursing Ability Test here.

As soon as the Premium List is approved, it will be posted, with a downloadable entry blank. Entry blanks will also be available on site.

If you are interested in our AKC dog show as well, entries close on Wednesday, April 9 at noon. Information for the show is here.

This is an arial photograph of the area where the coursing test will be held.