Update from OVMA on “Ohio Virus”



An update from the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association on the “Ohio Virus.” (There’s not much here, folks, sorry.)

“Beyond the initial reports involving eight dogs (four in the Cincinnati area and four in Canal Fulton), there have not been any confirmed reports to the Ohio Department of Agriculture of additional dogs becoming ill or dying from the canine illness of unknown origin. A few additional suspected cases have been submitted for testing; however, there have been no confirmed additional instances of the virus at this point.

While there has been some suspicion that the unknown illness is caused by a canine circovirus, that has not been confirmed. Information to date points to the possibility of at least some other factor or factors contributing to the illness. [emphasis added]

At present, how the disease initiated remains unknown. (note from FSCKC: this statement is directly contradicted by the State Veterinarian, Tony Forshey. I think we will go with his statement, rather than some clerk at the OVMA.)

There is no vaccine or other means of prevention currently known, other than following good hygiene and keeping your dog away from direct contact with the excretions of other dogs.

Symptoms of the disease include severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and lethargy or weakness. There are a variety of illnesses that can produce some or all of these symptoms, so their presence in your dog does not necessarily mean it has acquired this unknown illness.

All evidence suggests that owners who seek treatment from a veterinarian quickly from the onset of the symptoms significantly enhance survival and recovery. Without treatment, the time from initial signs of illness to death is believed to be only three to four days.”

So, we’re still spreading the same message:  if your dog comes down with these symptoms, see your veterinarian. Even if it is not the “Ohio Virus”, your dog is very ill and needs care.  Stay out of dog parks, and away from any other areas that contain pet waste.