OFA Eye Exams

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

Board-certified Canine Ophthalmologist, William Greentree, DVM is back for our annual OFA eye clinic.

The prepaid cost is $40. Walk-ins, if available, will be $50. Please be sure to bring your dog’s AKC registration number.

On the message block that accompanies your payment, please note your dog(s) name, breed, approximate time you’d like for your appointment, and the best way to contact you for confirmation. We are happy to work around your show schedule. Time of appointment is the time you should show up to complete paperwork and for your dog’s eyes to be dilated.

Please remember that OFA will charge you an additional fee to record the results.

OFA Eye Exam

Annual eye exams for breeding stock. Have your dogs eyes checked by a board-certified canine ophthalmologist. (An expert in what he’s looking at!) We are happy to work around your schedule and will confirm appointment times after the Judging Schedule is posted.