Fort St. Clair Kennel Club

The friendly kennel club!

Do You Remember When Dog Shows Were Fun?


We do!

Because we remember when dog shows were fun, we try very hard to make ours as much fun as we can. Sometimes it’s the little things: we never charge for parking, we provide free coffee and ice water all day long– and treats during groups, we give a prize for Best of Breed in every breed.  But we also pay attention to some of the more fundamental issues about dog shows: we start at 9 a.m. Our facility is indoors, on concrete, with free grooming space adjacent to the rings. When we put together a judging panel, we try very hard to hire judges who are kind and friendly, knowledgeable about the breeds their judging and not overtly political in their placements. We’ve joined the AKC’s national series for Owner-Handlers, to give true “amateur” Owner-Handlers the recognition they deserve. And we’ve added Best Brace in Show and Best Veterans, two fun participatory events that exhibitors can enjoy with their dogs. If you have some ideas on how we could make our show more fun, we’d like to hear them!

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