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Letters to Legislators

We had hoped to make these “fillable” online– and while we’ve figured it out how to do that on our own computer, we haven’t been able to sort it out so that it will post on our website and still be fillable. We will continue to work on that.

In the meantime, we are posting sample letters to legislators. There are three. One for dog lovers not overly involved in the purebred dog world, but Ohioans who believe the pet store license issues are unfair. The second is for dog enthusiasts (but not necessarily breeders) which talks a lot about the economic enrichment that dog events bring to the state. The third is from the point of view of home-hobby-preservationist breeders.




You are welcome to cut and paste, use what you like, combine from each letter if you want. And at the bottom is a list of SW Ohio legislators and how to get in touch with  them, and how to find your own Ohio legislature if you are in other parts of the state. We understand that it is Senator William Coley who will be spearheading the Senate effort on re-visiting SB331 to clarify the language there. (It’s that bill and HB506 that sent the Ohio Department of Agriculture on their pet store licensure bear hunt.) If you have questions, or need anything more, feel free to send us a note here or on our Facebook page.  You can also find quite a bit of info at the Facebook group Ohio Dog Coalition.

state reps contact form

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